How to Get Ready for Your Next Novel?

Starting a new content is hard, whether it’s a short story or a full novel. After all, a story is made of a million moving pieces, all developing and coming into focus with time and hard work.

Here are some points,

  • Carry a pen and notepad 

Make a habit of carrying a pen and notepad wherever you go. These are standard tools to use when inspiration hits. Every time you come across something that is worth telling a story about, jot it down in short points.

  • Travel 

Travelling offers a magical spell of inspiration every writer needs. Experiencing a different atmosphere and a new culture, and learning a new language is important if you are hoping to write an adventure novel. 

  • Constantly change your surroundings 

If moving to a whole other city or travelling abroad is tough, try moving around your city from one location to another. Start off with a park, and then move to a library, a shopping mall. Each location has a unique atmosphere that can serve up inspiration for different elements of your story.

  • Read a lot 

Go back to the Kindergarten way of learning. It helps! Reading is, by far, one of the best ways to get inspired. If you have a particular genre in mind that you want to adopt, start reading books, short stories, and magazines that emphasize on that genre. You can even read books that talk about writing. 

  • Follow other writers 

Social media has opened a whole new world of opportunities for writers. Lots of successful authors have made extensive use of social media to connect with their audience. You can take a leaf out of their digital book by following their online portfolios. Read on about Indian authors who have a great social media presence.

  • Attend book launches 

Want to get personal with your favourite authors? Attend events where a book signing or a book launch is being featured. It will also give you an idea on how to throw a really good launch party for your book.

  • Just start 

Starting trouble; that’s the biggest problem faced by many aspiring authors. The secret to breaking the writer’s block is to simply just start. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, when an idea strikes, set the ink in motion.

  • Keep Consistency

The best authors take months or even years to complete a novel; this is because they follow a consistent approach to their writing habits. Every day something new may inspire you to write, and it could be for the novel you’re currently working on. So, be consistent and stick to your schedule, and you’ll find yourself getting better with every word.

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