How to publish an eBook

The digital revolution is taking place in almost every sector in the world, including the publishing industry. Traditional forms of books will always remain and gain an immense love for readers and writers alike. However, eBooks, in a very short time have gained tremendous attention and popularity. Are you an aspiring writer waiting to step into the world of publishing? Fear not, eBooks are a great way to start off and require minimal cost and effort from the writer. However, this does not mean compromising on the quality of content that is put out in an eBook. This article will take you through a few aspects of how to publish an ebook. 

Here are a few points to remember while publishing your eBook

  • Understanding whether your theme is suitable to be published as an eBook

Some genres like chick-lit or romance or horror fiction may be suitable for presenting as an eBook. Genres like self-improvement, psychology and problem-solving books like those that fall in the ‘how-to’ category may also be apt for an eBook. However, it has been noted that timeless and fine pieces of literary or written work are more suitable for traditional publishing. Hence, before you embark on your journey to publishing an eBook, first, understand what kind of content you are trying to sell to the masses.

  • Attention to text and formatting

If it is a text-only book, then it might only require proofreading and editing. However, if it is a cookbook, for example, then you need to take special care as the book may involve a lot of graphics or images, so you need to spend time in properly aligning and formatting those before you actually publish the cookbook. Along with words, the overall attractiveness of this type of  book also makes a difference.

  • Staying original or staying away from plagiarized content

While publishing an eBook seems like an easy task, in reality, it is not as easy as it seems. Budding authors or aspiring writers especially need to beware of having plagiarized content in their eBook. Most self-publishing sites have a screening system for plagiarized content. However, on your part as a writer, you must ensure zero plagiarism too. Staying original and free from copied content is of paramount necessity when embarking on a journey of self-publishing. So whether you opt for publishing through DIY platforms or traditional methods, there is no mercy for plagiarized content!

  • Keeping an eye for grammar and punctuation

While publishing an eBook, it is advisable to check and recheck your entire book for grammatical and sentence case errors. Remember, these are the errors that are noticed by readers, and they may demolish the successful selling of your eBook. Hence, either opt for a platform that provides editing services or ensure that you have an editor who proof-reads your manuscript to make it a hundred percent error-free.

  • No harm in seeking help!

If you are new to writing, you may want to seek help from fellow writers or your mentors, if any. Attending a few writers’ workshops will also help you polish your skills. Many workshops deal with the intricacies of writing such as building a character, deciding upon the title of your eBook, building the plot and using the correct tone and language as per your genre. These workshops not only help you to sharpen your writing and bring it close to perfection but also help you connect with a lot of fellow writers and readers.

Although publishing an eBook on your own gives you creative freedom and helps you make marketing decisions your way, it is also quite challenging as everything depends on your efforts. 

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