How to Write and Publish a Short Story

A short story is a condensed piece of prose that still contains all the same elements as a novel, like proper steps and character development, but exists in a much briefer format.

1.Write concisely

A short story is, well, short, so you will have to think and write concisely. To make things easier, it’s best to set a word limit before you begin.

2. Create a theme

Choosing a theme for a short story is essential as it helps writers stick to a certain style and create the plot, setting, and character traits accordingly. write with a theme in mind. It could be anything—snippets of horrific tales or fantasy shorts. With a theme in mind, you will be able to write your short story easily and even think about subplots, cliffhangers, and plot twists. 

3.Take inspiration from everyday incidents

Short stories are best expressed when an author writes about day-to-day events that inspire him/her. Even the most tiresome of everyday tasks can be transformed into an interesting plot for the story.

4.Set a time frame

As you are writing a short story, challenging yourself to finish on time should be easier. Stick to a 24-hour time frame and separate the various elements that go into the short story like the plot, characters, theme and editing evenly.

5.Write for yourself

Short stories are best executed when you write for yourself; express your deepest feelings in the story.

6.Editing procedure

Short stories are harder to edit compared to novels as you may accidentally find yourself thinking about a revised plot structure, character trait, or theme. 

Publishing your short story

1.Post your story on blogs

Write as many as you can and compile them together into a series.  You can start posting one story after another and eventually think about converting the stories you have in the blog into a book. 

2.Use social media platforms 

There are many ways you can utilise social media to publish and promote your short stories. Don’t forget to take a leaf out of the book of authors who have a powerful social media presence.

3.Organise a book launch

A book launch is a very effective promotional method and will help give your book a dose of visibility. Once your book is up and ready, learn how to organise a book launch and build your reputation as a respected short story writer.

Even though writing and publishing books has become a strong intention of every educator. The published book is not only valuable for promotion and self satisfaction but also for developing authority and public appreciation. 

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