New Resolutions for Aspiring Writers

In a new year, it’s common for authors to set goals and resolutions for their writing. In this article, Lone Thread Books give New Year’s resolution ideas for writers.

Here are some ideas:

 Start writing 

You don’t have to think about the style, genre or type of literature. Just put pen to paper and scribble words as they come to you. Pick a soothing atmosphere, preferably a park or an open balcony as your place to begin

Explore various genres and styles

It’s important to explore various styles of writing to see which ones you are strong at. Once you’ve settled on a style, move on to figuring out the genre. Choosing a genre should be fairly easy as most writers take it from their life experience. 

Start a blog

Blogs are fairly easier to maintain and best of all is a free source of publicity. Blogs give a chance to express your opinion and connect with people who share the same opinion on your chosen topic. You can choose to start a blog instead. you will soon have more than enough material to convert your blog into a book.

Try self-publishing

Self-publishing is a growing market and one that many contemporary authors are opting for in recent times. If you are the impatient sort who strongly desires to get your work read as soon as it is done, then self-publishing is a good option.

Read more

This is an important resolution, because the more you read, the better you will write.Reading various book formats that can help enhance your vocabulary and approach to writing that can click with your target audience.

Set a time frame 

Adopting a time frame will help you get more organised and strengthen your will to write better. 

Editing and rewriting

There is no such thing as a perfect novel. Editing and rewriting is a vital stage post completion of your book. If you consider your work to be the best you’ve come out with, know that you can always do better. Even after completing your first novel, revisit every letter of every word on every page and do a deep scanning for areas you feel at that instant could be made better.

The real trick is not setting the goal but having the resolve to do it. Once you start moving in a direction, you don’t have just a plan or a goal. You have a habit.

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